maandag 7 februari 2011


Nee, ik ben niet over gegaan op het Engels, gelukkig niet! Maar een lezeres van deze blog vroeg mij een bijdrage te leveren aan haar PWS. Ze maakt een (Engels) tijdschrift over Guinevere, een vrouw uit de verhalen over King Arthur. Hoewel Guinevere met Arthur getrouwd is, gaat ze er van door met een van zijn ridders: Lancelot. Versieren, vreemdgaan en zo nu en dan liefhebben; Wij vrouwen hebben er talent voor. En daar gaat deze column over.

Women. They are sweet, sensitive and great in the bedroom. But the most important thing about these wonderful creatures: They can cook, clean and care. And after this big and bold statement I’m sure you’ll call me old fashioned. But I’m quite feminine myself and absolutely not old fashioned. Because if I were, I would be telling you something completely different. I would tell you about the extremely powerful things women can do. And no, I’m not talking about managing companies, or even working regular jobs, that would be ridiculous. But even though we shouldn’t do silly things like working or voting, women have the real power. We manipulate, seduce and frustrate men until they tear their hair out. And while the men might be making the money, they turn into powerless defenseless jellyfish when a pretty girl meets their eye.

Luckily, a lot of those sweet and sensitive women don’t take it to close when it comes to morals. This gives us the power to manipulate not one, but at least two men at a time. It’s efficient, satisfactory but above all: A truckload of fun. Ever since ancient history women are responsible for all the evil in the world. Starting with Pandora, all hell broke loose.

And maybe the world doesn’t evolve around money, meaning that it doesn’t evolve around men. But it sure doesn’t evolve around love either. It evolves about women and our games of cheating and tempting. Most of the time not remotely connected to love, women play their games with class and elegance. And that’s what makes us so much more refined and a lot more dangerous than our masculine congeners. We can be nasty, deceptively and immoral without loosing or rosy cheeks and honeysweet skin. This gives us the power to be pleased by many men, receive their diamond rings, bring down their companies and ultimately their entire countries. Because every woman wants to be a princess, so we all aim for the king. And once we have him, we take is knights, his son, or even his jester.

So grant those men their money, their honors and their power. Let them shine when they can, but make them suffer when you want to. Enjoy them, exploit them, but be careful with loving them. Because when we do finally fall deeply in love, our powers disappear and women return to being those loving, caring, cooking, cleaning creatures. And we hopefully live happily ever after, with the knight in shining armor that has tamed us.

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  1. "This gives us the power to manipulate not one, but at least two men at a time. It’s efficient, satisfactory but above all: A truckload of fun."

    Dat stukje vond ik bijzonder grappig :P

  2. Leuk geschreven! En er zit zeker een kern van waarheid in :)